Computer security consulting business plan

Incorporation, probably as a LLC, will be explored as a later option. The impact of the loss of the laptop would depend on the data contained on the laptop, and you may choose to limit the data contained on a laptop because it is considered a more vulnerable asset.

Or you need a sample cyber security monitoring business plan template. An example of this type of information is customer bank account info. Key contact information for service providers such as third party network administrators, security monitoring, phone, internet, etc.

Examples of this classification type are marketing materials. You would want to take enhanced security measures such as keeping it locked up, behind a network firewall, and backed up. The impact of the loss of the laptop would depend on the data contained on the laptop, and you may choose to limit the data contained on a laptop because it is considered a more vulnerable asset.

Technology is obviously a critical component of this business: We also serve government and DoD agencies, the intelligence community, and government contractors who must adhere to federal cyber security standards.

Projected Growth Rate The projected percent change in employment from to Ideally run all downloads, upgrades, etc. Examples of this type of classification are financial documents or personal employee information. All our hosting packages include spam and virus protection, provide complete security, imap support, include a feature-rich web based email client, and provide web based remote administration.

Examples of this classification type are policies and procedures. To provide a written guide for starting and managing this computer consulting business; a strategic framework for developing a comprehensive tactical marketing plan. In addition assign an owner, generally a department head, for every asset.

Consulting Services

But then there are other support staff members that you need to employ — drivers, office managers, accountant sadministrative manager, Human Resources manager and so on.

The office space should be designed with a lot of care taking into account all the gadgets and wires and connections for computers and internet facilities. For example if you store personal client information credit card, bank account, social security number, etc on your corporate network, then you should determine which employees need access.

If it is less frequent, quarterly reviews will be more appropriate. Keep your classification system simple with High, Medium, and Low. If you have to do the backups manually, set up calendar reminders until it becomes a habit.

Conlin Consulting technical service professionals provide: Follow these steps, and you will clearly understand your information assets and the controls you need to put in place to protect them. Calico Computer Consulting is in the process of being formed as a sole proprietorship owned and operated by Doug Burham.

This plan is written as a guide for starting and managing this new business and will also serve as the basis for a separate, detailed marketing plan. Following is a summary of the.

Information and cyber security consulting services including security engineering, management, assessment, and compliance provided by certified consultants. Our cybersecurity consultants provide services and solutions that deliver continuous security assurance for business, government, and critical infrastructure.

Computer security. Oct 25,  · Launch a computer security consulting firm. Starting your own security consulting firm will allow you to be your own boss, choose the customers and accounts you work with, and keep a larger portion of the profit you receive from the work that you 93K.

Information and Cybersecurity Consulting Services Capabilities and counsel that give you confidence in your information security posture. Weaknesses in information security can jeopardize your mission, threaten your profitability, and invite fines and penalties from regulatory bodies.

How to become a security consultant is a popular question for people who want to start a small business and explore a variety of opportunities within the broad security industry.

As a security consultant, your business will provide advice to clients on how to best protect their assets. Cyber Security: The changing landscape. September −Protect your personal, client and business information −Strategic matters −Technical versus cultural −KPMG has global expertise.

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Computer Consulting Business Plan

5 ISO (information security management standard).

Computer security consulting business plan
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